About Us

Kennel Valgaia is a small and young kennel situated in Slovenia. Dogs are our way of life and our passion. It all started in year 2002 with our first dog, golden retriever Smart. We learned a lot about training and owning a dog with him. Two years later we got our golden female Rumba, but our true love where molosses. We started to look for a good Cane Corso breeder, that could give us what we were looking for – good character, healthy and greatly socialized puppy. We already decided that we will work search and rescue with this dog, so all this was even more important for us. After a long search we found Amico Del Petto Kennel in Netherlands, about 1200km far from us. At that moment they didn’t expect any puppies, but we decided to wait and it was worth it. After 2 years we finally got our great girl, she is all what we were expecting from the breed – amazing, great character, a bit crazy, fast learning, great worker and loving family dog.

At this point we would like to thank Corine and Tineke from Amico del Petto kennel for trusting us and giving us this amazing girl.
We would also like to thank Patrizia and Denise from Degli Elmi kennel for making our second wish come true, our first breeding with their amazing dog Ciro Degli Elmi.

And thats how Cane Corsos became, not just our love, but our passion.

cane corso

About Our Breeding

In our kennel we are trying to breed Cane Corsos of great type, health and good working abilities. Dogs with athletic body, with good drive and stable character, who will be a great joy and good company for their owners.

We believe that early socialization is very important for this breed, that’s why our puppies are raised in our house with our kids, other dogs and a cat. So they are used to different sounds from the first day – vacuum cleaner, television, radio, childrens cry and laugh. We familiarise them with different surfaces – laminate, parquet, tiles, carpets, grids, wooden and iron floor. They are also familiar with other sounds around the house – lawn mower and chain saw.
Fourteen days after birth, we start to accept first visitors and in the next 6 weeks we try to get most as possible different people to visit. When our puppies leave our home, they are very social and open towards people.

Soon, home and safe enviorment becomes very boring for them, so we take them on their first car drive to an unknown place. They also start sleeping in a home crate and are having their first short walks on a leash.

We know how hard it is making a choice about wich puppy is right for you, because they’re all so very sweet, that’s why we try to suggest best as possible, considering the wishes and lifestyle of the new owner.

After puppies leave our home, we are available 24 hours per day for any information new owners need. We really love to see how our puppies progress, so that’s why any success and story that new owners send us, brings us great joy.

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